I’m not sure if you can classify a garden wedding as a garden wedding when your house is the same size as most wedding venues.  Shyam & Meera’s wedding took place in the suburbs of North West London.  I was recommended to the couple by the legendary Rajesh at Filmwork Studios as he was doing the cinematography.  The groom said he’s having an intimate garden wedding, I should’ve asked how big his garden was because he lived in a huge house!  On the morning of the wedding, everyone parked their cars in their neighbours drives to make sure the road was clear for Shyam to have his grand entrance, how amazing is that?!  The marquee in the garden had a transparent roof to let the light in and the decor was done by Neha at The Wedding Touch, she is amazing and I love her use of pastel shades.

As garden weddings go, this is one of the finest I’ve ever captured.  Without the time restrictions of wedding venue, it was a stress free laid back affair.

Are you having an intimate garden wedding?  Drop me a line, I cover weddings of all sizes, no job is too big or too small, I just love delivering great images!