The Village Hotel Watford is one of those hotels you didn’t realise existed.  Located in the same business park as Canon’s main camera service centre (I go there a lot as you can imagine!), it has an enormous venue hall located at the back which is big for a small army.  When I sat down with the family to discuss the wedding at their home, I soon realised I was being fed a lot of Indian snacks and tea, was this a strategy to butter me up?  I think it worked.

Joking aside, both families were lovely on the day, we were always against the clock as the family shots in the mandap overran, which is pretty common at asian weddings.  We still got some great couple shots in the middle of the hotel car park, asian wedding photography at its finest!  When I found out Vishesh’s family lived in Portugal I used all my wedding photography sales talk to get a wedding booking out there, they haven’t had a family wedding out there yet, so I’m still waiting.  Saying that, I’ve photographed Felina’s sisters wedding since, unfortunately there are no more siblings left, maybe I’ll move onto the cousins!

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