Dips & Dee’s wedding events were 2 days of pure madness.  There are two kinds of wedding in this world, the sophisticated ones and the slightly mad ones, Dips & Dee’s wedding falls firmly into the latter category.  Both bride and groom had huge friend circles and they loved to party, it made for amazing animated images.  The Hindu wedding itself took place at the KP Hall, a very popular asian wedding venue in North West London.  The Registry & reception took place the following day at Whittlebury Park Golf Course.  Don’t get me started on the reception, the dance floor was a war zone after 10pm, I had to fight for my life on the to not be overrun by the guests as they tried to get me to dance with them!  Highlight of the evening had to be witnessing the bride and a handful of her mates at the bar starting a garba dance as I was leaving.

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