The Radisson Edwardian.  How many times have you driven past it on Bath Road and seen those ice blue fairy lights from afar?  It’s a beautiful hotel and it always smells of Vanilla, always makes me want ice cream!

Sagar & Fallon were sweet enough to invite me around for dinner to discuss their wedding plan, maybe it was their strategy to get a discount!  I knew Sagar through friends of friends, he had heard great things about my wedding photography which is always nice to hear.  Fallon was one of the brides who had an intense stare, made for great moody shots, but I was lucky enough to capture some smiles throughout the wedding day, with the help of some of my awful jokes.  The Radisson doesn’t have many places to photograph outside, unless you want Heathrow’s runway as a backdrop.  However, it has a beautiful room on the ground floor full of palm trees, lovely decor and glass windows everywhere, so the light is decent, thats all you need decent wedding images!

Are you getting married?  Drop me a message, more than happy to discuss your asian wedding photography in detail!