Nikita could light up an entire city with her smile!  There’s nothing better than a genuine smile, most people try to hold their smiles in since they think it makes them look fat!  Shanker & Nikita’s families were so lovely to capture, there was a feeling of genuine happiness all around and they were so hospitable, making sure I had everything I needed constantly.  I’m a fan of Hindu weddings with pastel colour themes, maybe thats because of instagram as every asian wedding photographer seems to like them too!  Nikita’s pastel pink outfit was stunning and complimented her smile so much, was a joy to photograph!  Shanker looked shocked at the beauty of his wife as she walked down the aisle, but thats what weddings are all about, if the grooms not shocked he needs glasses!

Hilton T5 is a great venue, it has plenty of space and the lighting is actual really good, we got the venue to add white lights to the mandap area using the ceiling lighting rig which made my life a whole lot easier.

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