Have you ever gotten sunburnt at a wedding in the UK?  Shaun & Seema made sure I went 10 shades darker at their outdoor wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire.  It was the hottest day of the year and wow, did we feel it!  By the time lunchtime hit, all the guests had fled for shade in the trees as the wedding couple carried on getting married.  Guess who was the only person out in the sun?!  At least lighting wasn’t an issue, the roof of the mandap had a thin cloth which diffused the light and made for perfectly lit images.  I was so excited about this, but I don’t think anyone else cared as they downed their bottles of water.

the Four Seasons in Hampshire is absolutely beautiful.  It has so much character and incredible views all around, it is a fantastic venue for an outdoor wedding.  Big thank you to Seema’s make up artist Mandy of Aphrodite who recommended me to the couple.

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