What can I say about the Fennes Estate in Essex?  The 1st asian wedding I photographed there was back in 2010 and I loved the place the moment I set eyes on it.  I always said to myself, when I get married, this place will be on my short list.

Puish & Jaina were a lovely couple to photograph and their families were so hospitable.  Jaina was quite nervous on the morning of her wedding, so I gave her my words of wisdom while shoving a camera in her face – classic Shiv!  Unfortunately It was raining but it didn’t matter, their Hindu wedding was taking place indoors and luckily the light was decent.  When it comes to photographing weddings in the UK, you have to be ready for all weather conditions, even in the middle of July!  What I loved about this wedding was it was rather intimate, which made it a lot easier to photograph, especially since no one could go outside due to the thunderstorm!

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