I’m not going to lie, probably the best wedding I’ve ever photographed.  Destination wedding are always special, it’s like being paid to go on holiday!  Sachin & Ramanjit decided to have their wedding events at the Moon Palace resort in Cancun when they realised it would be cheaper than having their wedding in London, thats shocking isn’t it?!  I had to contain myself when they booked me for your wedding photography, I had been to Mexico quite a few times before, but only to Mexico city.  I could go on about how amazing Cancun was until the cows come home, the resort was all inclusive, it was on the beach and the weather was perfect!  The couple were up for anything, I convinced them to do 2 pre wedding shoots, one at sunrise and one at sunset on the beach – result!

The wedding day itself has to be the toughest 18 hours any asian wedding photographer has endured.  A registry at 8am, Sikh wedding at 11am, Hindu wedding at 3pm and reception at 6pm, all in blistering heat!  It was worth it though, we got some insane images throughout events and the families were amazingly hospitable, I felt like a cousin not a photographer!

Are you having a destination wedding?  Drop me a line, lets discuss your wedding photography!